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Viel vs. Viele


is an ADVERB (and as such never has endings) meaning "much" and is used with non-countable nouns such as Milch, Zeit, Geld, Arbeit, etc., regardless of GENDER:
Ich habe nicht viel Zeit.
Er hat viel Geld.
Es gibt nicht viel Milch im Kuhlschrank.
Leider habe ich zu viel Arbeit.
Viel can also be the precipitor of an adjectival noun phrase:
In Afrika hat Erich viel Gutes getan.
In Africa, Eric did a lot of good (things).


Viele is a (plural) adjective of indefinite number meaning "many", and as such may have appropriate PLURAL endings (e or en):
Viele Arbeiter wollen die Firma verlassen.
Mit vielen Kindern ist es schwer zu reisen.

There are some expressions which consist of viel- plus adective endings. In these cases, viel acts as an adjectival noun, and is therefore not followed by a noun:

Vieles darf nicht gesagt werden.
Much may not be said.

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