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Personal Dative

The dative case is also used to indicate a person's involvement in or reaction to a situation. This personal dative is often translated by English to or for.

* When translating from English, expressions like "to me", "for me", "to us", "for us", etc., are almost ALWAYS rendered in German with the DATIVE case, without the use of prepositions. Therefore the phrases "für mich", "zu mir" etc., have only a very LIMITED use in German, and should generally be avoided if possible.


Das ist mir egal. That doesn't matter to me.

Deutsch ist mir zu schwer. German is too difficult for me.

Es ist mir zu kalt in Island. It's too cold for me in Iceland.

Wie geht es dir? How are you? (Lit: How goes it for you?)

Das tut mir Leid. I'm sorry about that. (Lit: That does me sorrow.)

Er macht der Frau die Tür auf.  He opens the door for the woman.

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