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Verbs with Dative Objects

There are several German verbs which require an indirect object. Thereforethey are followed by the dative case. The dative object is usually a person.

helfen (hilft/half/geholfen)tohelp
antworten toanswer
danken tothank
gefallen* (gefällt/gefiel/gefallen) toplease
gehören tobelong to
glauben tobelieve


Ich helfe meiner Lehrerin.

Du gefällst mir.

Der Porsche gehört mir.

* Gefallen is often translated as "to like" , but this translation is incorrect, and leads students to make errors in usage. It means "to please," and it is the OBJECT of our LIKING which is the SUBJECT of the German sentence (Similar to Spanish "gustar"):
Dein Wagen gefällt mir.
Gefällt dir mein Wagen?

(NOTE that the SUBJECT is WAGEN, which iswhy there's no ending on mein).


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