Adjectives/Pronouns of Indefinite Number


Adjectives used with plural nouns to indicate indefinite amounts are not limiting words. They act just like descriptive adjectives and take the appropriate endings.

Adjectives of Indefinite Number
Adjective Meaning
wenige few
einige some
viele many
andere other
mehrere several
Andere Leute waren in Bonn. Other people were in Bonn.
Ich habe viele Freunde in Bonn. I have many friends in Bonn.
Die anderen Leute waren in Bonn. The other people were in Bonn.
Meine vielen Freunde waren in Bonn. My many friends were in Bonn.

Any descriptive adjective following the adjective of indefinite number always has the same ending.

Andere junge Leute waren auch da. Other young people were there too.
Die anderen jungen Leute waren da. The other young people were there.

The first four of these may also occur without any noun following, in which case they become PRONOUNS referring to groups of people:

Es gibt 10.000 Arbeiter in der Fabrik. Einige arbeiten morgens und andere arbeiten abends. Viele arbeiten auch in der Nacht.

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